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Global: Politics leads buyers to pull ads from news sites

Political tensions have reached a point where some brands perceive mainstream news outlets as too controversial, with US media buyers pulling ads from those sites.

Media site Digiday reports a major automaker told its media agency last month to stop serving ads in the news category in case the content did not align with the brand’s values.

After violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, the same agency blocked keywords including “Nazis” and “Charlottesville” in programmatic campaigns for the brand.

Digiday says the major holding agency is not alone.

An executive from the agency, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the blocked news category contained hundreds of publishers.

Blocking programmatic ads from sites such as Breitbart, or even foxnews.com, is nothing new. The difference now is that media buyers are preventing their ads from showing up on any news sites, which would include mainstream ones like CNN and New York Times.

Washington Post streamlines digital responsibilities

Washington Post

The Washington Post has embraced a fully digital newsroom, eliminating the role of digital editor from its verticals and introducing three new positions to standardise practice across the masthead.

In an August 18 post on the WashPost PR Blog, executive editor Martin Baron and managing editors Cameron Barr and Emilio Garcia-Ruiz explained the decision.

“That role, like the innovation editor role that preceded it, served its purpose well but it harkens back to a time when digital responsibilities were only held by a select few.

“Instead, we are standardizing digital responsibilities to make them consistent around the room,” they said.

The new roles will include:

● Operations editor – responsibilities include helping departments successfully implement all facets of the company’s strategies and identify and attract new readers to underperforming stories

● Product editor – This role will work with engineers to ensure all Washington Post products best showcase in-house journalism.

● Project editor – Will enable the development of special, multifaceted editorial projects.

WSJ chief editor reprimands staff for bias

The Wall Street Journal’s editor-in-chief Gerard Baker has admonished staff for the mastheads coverage of President Donald Trump, believing reporting of events was too opinionated.

In a series of late night emails to reporters and editors, Mr Baker criticised a late draft of an article relating to the Phoenix Trump Rally, saying: “Sorry. This is commentary dressed up as news reporting,” according to the New York Times.

Mr Baker asked that staff go back to basics and to “just stick to reporting what he [President Trump] said rather than packaging it in exegesis and selective criticism?”

BBC to expand offering into 12 new languages

The BBC will soon launch a full-fledged news service in Nigerian Pidgin, which will service countries across West and Central Africa. The service, which will launch on Monday, will be the first of 12 new services to launch in the next year.

The new additions will take the number of languages the BBC broadcasts in to 40.

The expansion is part of a £289 million investment the BBC announced last November to double the broadcaster’s worldwide reach to 500 million people by 2022. The plan will employ 1300 new staff, with new newsrooms to be set up in India and South Korea.

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