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Global: Premium brands most trusted in the US

New research from the University of Missouri has found that UK title The Economist is the most trusted news brand in the US.

Public Television, Reuters, BBC and NPR were amongst the top trusted brands by consumers. Online brands Breitbart, Buzzfeed and Facebook were least trusted, with US President Donald Trump in the bottom five.

The study highlighted that premium, established news brands have higher consumer trust than their digital counterparts.

Each of the 9000 respondents were asked to provide the three news sources they most trusted and the three news sources they least trusted. The online survey was disseminated by 28 different news organisations.

Respondents said they decided trust based on several criteria including whether it was verified by “other news sources”, “both sides [of the] story” and “check multiple sources”.

Buzzfeed Germany builds news team


Buzzfeed Germany has started to build its own news team ahead of the September 24 election to mirror the company’s outlets in Australia, the UK and the US.

The three-year-old division’s news room will soon contain a five-person team under the leadership of editor-in-chief Daniel Drepper, who was hired in April. The news team will be the same size as the entertainment team which is primarily focused on listicle and humour-based content.

Mr Drepper said: “BuzzFeed understands the internet. I want to combine serious news reporting and the lessons BuzzFeed has learned in the last few years.”

The German media market is not easy for international publishers, with established players dominating. The market is particularly difficult for Buzzfeed as, according to media analyst Alex DeGroote, Germans have a lower tolerance for listicle content.

The NYT ❤ ❤ ❤ emojis in push notifications

NYT Office

The New York Times has embraced the humble emoji in its push notifications to make them “more fun and delightful”.

The masthead established a dedicated push notification team two years ago, with the intention of taking notifications past headlines and make them more conversational and contextual

Eric Bishop, NYT assistant editor of mobile said: “We’ve been trying to let our hair down a little — to be more internet-y.”

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