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Google AMP data improves publishers Nielsen standing

Several News Corp Australia titles and The Guardian have received a boost in the latest Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings, Monthly, as the data company further integrates Google AMP data into the metric.


The Google AMP data added an additional month-on-month unique audience of 13 per cent to The Australian, 10.4 per cent to The Daily Telegraph and 2.6 per cent to News.com.au. The Guardian improved a significant 39 per cent to 4.1 million

A Nielsen spokesperson said the metric was continuing to improve.

“Each month reported entities are improving their audience measurement coverage. For example, this could include new apps, websites, video content or off-platform content coming under measurement,” Nielsen said.

“If there are changes in rankings or audiences it is necessary to consider that these may have increased or decreased due to measurement coverage changes, versus organic audience behaviour in the reporting period.”

Nielsen switched to Digital Content Ratings three months ago, reporting off-platform audience data in one metric for the first time.

The West Australian appeared in the top 10 for the first time in ninth place, with a total unique audience of 2.2 million.

The ABC recorded the only drop in audience, falling by 2 per cent to third place.

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