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Grocery buyers: what drives purchase intent?

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What factors influence Australian grocery shoppers?  

New research conducted by NewsMediaWorks takes a deep dive into what drives purchase intent across key categories.  

 NewsMediaWorks found that of those surveyed, 80 per cent have flexibility in brand/product choice.  

Put simply, the vast majority of shoppers aren’t wedded to a specific product or brand. Take pasta sauce as an example: a shopper may get into the habit of buying a particular brand, but they’re open to going with a different brand if there’s another product that is competitive. This might be a better value option, a more sustainable option, or just a more trusted brand.  

Overall, there are roughly four categories of shopper, divided into different levels of openness to brand/product flexibility. 

The most rigid in their habits are the 20 per cent who tend to stick with the same brand each time in a category.  

At the other end of the spectrum, there are the “super flexible” shoppers who say that they don’t have favourite brands and will change brands regularly in most categories.  

And in the middle are two groups of reasonably flexible shoppers, with 41 per cent who tend to purchase from a limited pool of brands that they are comfortable with, and 31 per cent who report that they are prepared to try new brands in some categories.  


How can brands and businesses reach these shoppers and make the most of a willingness to consider different brands and products?  

When it comes to advertising, 66 per cent of grocery buyers surveyed say that the more they trust an ad, the more likely they are to buy the product/service. Which ads do they trust? 49 per cent say that they engage with ads they see in trusted media environments.  

Advertisers looking for trusted media should pay attention to the top two media sources influencing grocery buying: television (56 per cent) and news media (55 per cent).  

News media delivers trusted content and advertising across all buying segments: 


Takeout: there is a strong and direct link between trust and content as drivers of engagement and purchase intent. Brands that want to have trusted ads should consider the trusted environment of news media advertising.  

Download the full research report on grocery buyers here.  

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