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Home Nightclub in NSW ordered to remove online promotion

The Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) has warned licensed venues about irresponsible promotions after a Sydney nightclub on the violent venues list had a promotion banned for depicting illicit drug use and explicit sexual activities.

Home Nightclub at Cockle Bay has been ordered to remove a Facebook video promoting an event titled “Blow” that included images of a man snorting cocaine and also explicit and offensive sexual activities – or face a $5,500 fine and a strike under the Three Strikes disciplinary scheme.

OLGR Director of Compliance & Enforcement Anthony Keon said: “This type of promotion is not only offensive but clearly encourages irresponsible and illegal behaviour and is not in the public interest.”

“It is extremely inappropriate and irresponsible for any licensee to rely upon the promotion of illicit drug use and explicit sexual imagery to promote its business. Licensees are required by law to adopt responsible attitudes and practices.”

“The indifference displayed by this venue’s management about this promotion suggests they are completely out of touch with community expectations which is of extreme concern given the nightclub is on the violent venues list and is a late trading high risk premises located in the Sydney CBD precinct.”

Under NSW liquor laws, licensed venues must demonstrate responsible sale, supply, service and promotion of alcohol.

See our Guideline on the liquor promotion guidelines for NSW.

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