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INFORM: Metrics that Matter panel

This is part of our series of presentation summaries from INFORM19. 

Moderated by Mal Dale (The Readership Works), this panel featured Matthew Daniell (IAG), Alison Tilling (VMLY&R) and Nathan Hodges (Trinity P3).  

Tilling reminded the audience that metrics were not beneficial for their own sake, but rather for what they could give insight into. 
“When you’re doing metrics, make sure you’re actually thinking about people.” 

She was also wary of the tendency to gather far more data than was needed.  

“We try to boil it down to one thing that we’re going to measure…there’s always going to be one more metric that you could put on the dashboard, but Jeff Bezos makes decisions with 70 per cent of the information. If we’re talking creativity and big ideas, uncertainty is a good thing.”


Hodges spoke enthusiastically about the improvements to data analysis and technology that were providing marketers with better insights about audiences. However, he said, there was still some way to go in making sure that companies understood the limits of hard numbers.  

“We can’t measure everything that’s important,” he said. “Communicating this to the rest of the team is difficult.” 

Daniell lamented the short-termism that had become normalised in the marketing world.  

“Short term campaigns have short term effects. And the number of short-term campaigns has been increasing since 2008.” 

“Marketing is the sum of all parts; it’s not a single campaign.”


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