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INFORM: Strategy panel: What matters and what is just noise?

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This is part of our series of presentation summaries from INFORM19. 

This panel, moderated by Mi3’s Paul McIntyre, featured Adam Ferrier (Thinkerbell) Caitlin Lloyd (Tidal) and Mark Green (The Monkeys).  

For Ferrier, central to any marketing strategy is understanding the “language of brands”: what is a brand and how does it grow?   

“The holy grail of brands is to create the category,” he said, pointing to several key examples.  

He also warned about the dangers of over-reliance on data: 

“Media brands find it hard to build a brand because they’re constantly getting feedback from the consumer,” he said.  

“A lot of our clients are starting to reinvest in brand.” 


Mark Green of The Monkeys said that in his organisation, “We are firm believers in long-term brand building, and those brands that invest in this long-term view tend to be more successful.” 

He also stressed the need for advertising to engage audiences.  

“We’re interrupting them, so we owe the audience interesting, provocative and entertaining advertising.” 

Caitlin Lloyd, who has recently joined Tidal, lamented the decline of creative marketing initiatives as brands retreating to “the safe middle ground.”  

“There has been such a fear of upsetting people.”  

Non-profits are more willing to take big risks with ads, mostly because they have less to lose, she argued.  

She also spoke about wider issues within the industry. 

“There’s not enough diversity in agencies, boardrooms, which means we’re not getting the wealth of ideas we need.” 

Watch the full panel discussion below:


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