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Trust equals success: Jarrod Dicker

Jarrod Dicker, founder of Po.et, made it clear in his presentation at the INFORM News Media Summit that value and success is not measured as it should be.

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Po.et is a universal ledger which aims to create the largest verifiable record of digital media assets. It was designed to track ownership and attribution for the world’s digital creative assets.

Mr Dicker observed that the news media industry is currently driven by results. “How many subscriptions did we drive, how many clicks, how many referrals, did it go viral, how much money did it make.”

However, he believes this is not the reason why someone chooses to read a piece of content.

Drawing on a personal anecdote, Mr Dicker said he reads the Washington Post not because of its popularity, but because he values the content and he trusts the creators.

“I don’t go to the Washington Post, because the Washington Post had a hundred million new views last month or that they have a million digital subscribers. I go to the Washington Post because the Washington Post is curated by Marty Barrett, who is one of the most esteemed editors ever and I trust him to deliver me his news.”

“That is not the way we pay, or look or value success. And that is a huge problem when it comes to our industry, especially when we are thinking of losing our IP to distribution and elsewhere on platforms.”

Watch the highlights or the full presentation below.


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