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Trust in news media

In her INFORM News Media Summit presentation, Stuff chief executive Sinead Boucher elaborated on the evolution of the company from a publisher to a multifaceted news platform, providing valuable insights along the way.

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Ms Boucher highlighted the transformation of Stuff, which has now become a channel for other publishers to distribute their content to audiences across New Zealand. It also has evolved into a platform for ecommerce and for businesses to launch and grow their own non-media related brands.

“We’re a business that’s got an ecosystem of connected customer, services, products, experiences. We do news, we do entertainment, we do energy, we do internet, and we do home services,” she said.

Ms Boucher also shared to the INFORM audience the effectiveness of print as an advertising tool.

“The most effective channel for converting new customers for businesses has been print wrap-arounds in our daily and community papers,” she said.

Watch the highlights or the full presentation below.



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