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Lessons from Copy School Sydney 2019  

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Copy School 2019 was a huge success in Sydney this year, with convener Ray Black hosting all-star lineups of tutors including social commentator Jane Caro and Big Red CCO Ted Horton.  

Copy School is designed to encourage the best quality copywriting across all channels through connecting young media and marketing professionals with some of the country’s leading advertising creative directors and copywriters and news media executives. 

Copy School challenged participants with a real-world brief that was presented and critiqued on the final morning of the course. Ray Black and Ted Horton judged the student pitches, praising the creativity and enthusiasm on show.  

Participant Genevive Giles found the course an “opportunity to meet other like-minded people in the industry and learn about the ways brilliant stories, ideas and campaigns come to life from some of Australia’s greatest copywriters, authors and journalists.” 


Ad writer Andrew Maher says he got “a lot out of the course” and leaped at the chance to connect to some of the best-regarded talent in the industry.  

“It’s really easy to understate how important courses like this are when you’re in advertising, but they’re essential gap-fillers for writers who are starting their careers.”  

Maher says following Copy School “I definitely felt more confident, and felt I understood my craft more.”  

Freelance writer Josie Tutty found the course’s emphasis on understanding the target market a valuable takeaway. 

“Copy School taught us that your audience is not made up of segments or demographics, but human beings.”  

Michael Geedrick found that the course challenged his thinking and understanding of marketing.  

“Coming from a design background, I found it invaluable to see this process through another lens, and I now look at the world and approach my work in a whole new light.”  

“I think the breadth of people who attended from copywriters, to art directors and group directors (to name a few) was testament to the fact that we all have something to gain from having an insight into the methods and ideation behind the message.”  

NewsMediaWork’s digital marketing coordinator Jack Doherty also attended, emphasising that Copy School shouldn’t be seen as something just for aspiring copywriters.  

“Even for someone like me, who is not in the advertising world, Copy School was a great way to get insight into the industry – and other industries – while improving my general writing skills.”  

And finally, from Jordan Knight: “I came out of the school a better communicator and advertiser, and would recommend the school to anyone who wants the same.” 


Congratulations to all of the participants and a huge thank you to all of the tutors and conveners who gave their time generously to mentor the next generation of Australia’s marketing and media leaders.  

Copy School Sydney followed the Melbourne event, hosted by Chris Taylor.

If you’d like to be informed about future Copy School events, please email [email protected]  

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