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Make trust central to your auto advertising strategy  

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Over the last few years we have been measuring trust across media and the studies have consistently shown that news media have both the most trusted content and the most trusted ads 

This year we wanted to understand how this came to life in key categories. We commissioned Hoop Research to look into two key categories: grocery buyers and automotive 

The study confirmed why trust should matter to marketers: 

  • 66% or respondents agree that “The more I trust an ad the more likely I am to buy the product/service”
  • 49% agree that “I engage with ads that I see in media I trust” 

This reinforces the findings of our body of trust studies that show there is a strong link between trust and context as drivers of engagement and purchase intent.  

The research highlighted the power of news media as a channel to reach grocery buyers:  

And that News Media are key drivers of action for auto purchase: 

In fact, news media are key influencers at all stages on the path to purchase:  


This study adds to our growing body of research that demonstrates to power of trust in news media. 

Download the full automotive research paper here 

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