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Mark Ritson on marketing ratios

Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, graced the INFORM News Media Summit audience with his thought-provoking beliefs on marketing and his view on the “best campaign in England”.



During his presentation, Prof Ritson drew on the works of marketing legends, Peter Field and Les Binet, revealed the most important marketing theory in recent times and spoke in-depth about fried chicken.

Prof Ritson shared tips and industry secrets with the audience, focusing on the 60:40 rule developed by Field and Binet, which recommends spending 60 per cent of a budget on brand-building activity and 40 per cent on activation for maximum effectiveness.

He also touched on print’s role in highlighting the “best campaign in England”, which was produced for KFC.

The interaction of the authority and newsworthiness and trust of newspaper advertising was leveraged in the campaign targeting.


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