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What you need to know… advertising Shisha tobacco in Victoria

Under the Tobacco Act 1987, the sale, advertising and use of shisha tobacco that contains any amount of tobacco will be treated the same as other tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars from 1 August 2017.

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The changes also align with Commonwealth tobacco plain packaging laws, which require shisha tobacco products to be packaged in mandatory plain packaging with graphic health warning images.

Fruit or herbal-based products that do not contain tobacco are not subject to these laws.

Displaying and advertising shisha

Businesses will need to ensure that shisha tobacco available for sale and any associated advertising must not be visible from anywhere inside or outside a shop.

Reason for the changes

Since 2006, smoking has been banned inside enclosed workplaces in Victoria. This ban applies to shisha tobacco where tobacco is the main ingredient.

The recent changes extend the laws around shisha tobacco to include shisha that contains any amount of tobacco.  This is to protect community health and reduce tobacco-related disease and illness.

The new laws aim to…

  • protect staff and customers from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke exposure inside enclosed workplaces, such as shisha cafes and lounges
  • prevent people under 18 years of age purchasing and accessing shisha tobacco
  • prevent shisha tobacco smoking and uptake, particularly among children and young people who may be attracted to this form of smoking
  • support those trying to quit smoking, or those who have recently quit
  • provide consistency with the way other tobacco products are regulated.


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