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Liquor Promotion Guidelines for NSW

The NSW Government has guidelines setting out acceptable standards for the promotion of alcohol.

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The guidelines will apply to all licensed premises under the Liquor Act 2007 that run alcohol promotions including hotels, bars, nightclubs, registered clubs, bottle shops, producer/wholesalers, limited licences, licensed restaurants and other on-premises venues.

The new guidelines not only address the promotion of alcohol through supermarket vouchers and shopper-dockets, but also the specific use of social media and interactive technology to promote alcohol consumption.

The guidelines now include a reference to ‘buy one, get one free’ offers promoted through discount vouchers, cards or shopper-dockets, with a requirement to have purchase limits or other suitable controls in place.

Liquor Promotion Guidelines identify inappropriate promotions including those that:

  • Appeal to minors – Such as promotions that use characters, imagery, motifs, merchandise, naming, designs or interactive games or technology likely to appeal to minors.
  • Are indecent or offensive – Such as promotions that use images that may be offensive to a reasonable adult; offer free or discounted drinks for participating in activities that may be offensive; use insulting or offensive language; or involve discriminatory, demeaning or vilifying language or imagery.
  • Use non-standard measures – Promotions that serve alcohol in non-standard measures such as teapots or jam jars where the alcohol content is not apparent, or use novelty drink-ware that encourages rapid drinking such as test tubes, water pistols, and yard glasses.
  • Use emotive descriptions of advertising – Such as promotions that encourage excessive or irresponsible drinking including through the use of language, images or slogans such as ‘Drink till you drop’ or ‘Drink like a fish’.
  • Offer extreme discounts – Promotions which encourage rapid and excessive drinking through free, heavily discounted or all-you-can-drink offers or drinking games such as skolling games and boat races.
  • Encourage irresponsible, rapid or excessive drinking – Examples include those using drinkware encouraging rapid consumption, drinking games, encouraging stockpiling of drinks, and late night promotions encouraging patrons who have been drinking for a significant period to continue drinking.
  • Not in the public interest – Promotions that are deemed undesirable for reasons that may include encouraging unlawful, anti-social or discriminatory behaviour.
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