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New revenue streams for news media publishers 

Developing a sustainable revenue model is a priority for any media organisation, made more complicated (or exciting) in a world undergoing constant transformation in the digital space. We’ve gathered some of our best deep-dives into aspects of the revenue story in order to keep you in the loop. 

The rise of paywalls on news media websites  
There are three main types of paywalls used on news media publishing websites: hard, soft and dynamic. This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the different setups and examines publishers that have been able to implement them successfully.  

‘Sitting on a goldmine’: Innovative publishers rediscover value of archive material
Archiving not only allows publishers to access content produced in the past, but also presents the opportunity for content to be resurfaced and monetised.

How subscription programs are engaging news media consumers
Subscribers are representing an increasingly large slice of publishers’ revenue, so what are the best tactics for attracting and retaining subscribers? How have publishers made their customers feel valued? 

What is the new Apple news media subscription service all about? 
Apple News+ received mixed reception from publishers concerned about revenue and audience relationships, but several high-profile publications have jumped on board. What are the attractions (and detractions) for news media organisations 

Here’s why podcasts work so well for news publishers
Some of the most successful podcasts right now were produced by news media organisationsProfessionally-generated content from reputable publishers is capturing both audience attention and revenue, providing new opportunities for mastheads looking to diversify their income streams. 

Should news media subscriptions be tax-deductible?  
Could tax incentives drive subscriber growth? Some publishers seem to think so, while others remain sceptical. What kinds of subscriptions should be deductible? This article considers these (and other) questions surrounding the tax incentive debate.   

Changes to cookies may have major ramifications for digital advertising 
Cookies, data tracking and fingerprinting: Google’s latest update to Chrome, which will impact any publisher that relies on marketed advertising and data collection for generating revenue.  


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