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Audiences continue to balloon following Nielsen revamp

Publisher audiences have continued to grow following Nielsen’s methodology changes last month, with Australia’s top news website reaching new heights, cracking 9.1 million in June 2018, according to Digital Content Ratings Monthly.

News Corp Australia’s free news website, news.com.au, has continued to see audience gains, garnering 300,000 new readers in the past month.

The jockeying between nine.com.au and the ABC for second and third place in the top 10 continues, with the commercial Nine dropping to third place, despite both organisations seeing sustained growth month-on-month.

News Corp Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne mastheads swapped positions in June, with The Daily Telegraph finishing in fifth and the Herald Sun in sixth by a small margin of 22,455 readers.

Similarly, The Australian dropped to ninth place, while APN Australian Regional Media – News Network moved into eighth with an additional 40,000 readers.

Couriermail.com.au replaced perthnow in 10th place.

The Daily Mail remains a standalone in fourth place despite losing more than 800,000 unique visitors in the past month.

Nielsen’s new methodology better reflects publications unique audience, both on and off-platform. However, the changes have not been enough for Fairfax Media or the BBC to subscribe to the ratings, hence why the publishers are not present in the rankings.

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