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News Corp and CUB team up to bring back mX

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The special return of mX, which ended production in 2015, will work to promote the launch of CUB’s new non-alcoholic beer, Carlton Zero, with all ad space exclusively dedicated to the product.

The activation highlights the effectiveness of print as an innovative and dynamic tool for advertisers and marketers.

Ondrej Foltin, News’ head of content, Victoria, said mX rewrote the newspaper rules with its irreverent news delivery and had done the same with its comeback.

Mr Foltin said CUB approached his team, which acts as an internal and external content agency, looking for something different and left-field to launch its campaign.

He told NewsMediaWorks that CUB liked the sentiment behind mX because it was popular, engaging, and its distribution on public transport allowed for a larger reach.

Mr Foltin’s publishing team in Victoria, along with hired freelance writers, were given plenty of scope to execute and deliver the campaign.

Media agency PHD and its client, CUB, provided an open brief to Mr Foltin’s team, with certain parameters of which to be mindful, such as not marketing the non-alcoholic product to underage readers.

“Even though it’s not alcoholic, they definitely didn’t want to market to a youth segment but they wanted to be as authentic as possible to what mX was and how it might look today.

“We basically conceptualised what we’d do with it and … we have been able to recreate mX how we wanted to,” he said.

The 24 pages that make up the newspaper are printed at Westgate Park, News Corp’s Victorian printing facility, with 40,000 to 50,000 copies expected to be distributed each week of the four-week campaign.

mX’s quirky and playful tone is maintained with the return of popular sections alongside new editorial content.

“We’ve combined of some of the old segments – mX Talk, Goss and Glam – and blended it in with some additional segments,” Mr Foltin said.

“One of the markets for this beer is lunch time. So we’ve had content integration in the sense of looking at places where you can have a great lunch … there’s a benefit there from a brand integration point of view and obviously that’s been reflected in the advertising and some of the branding as well.”

Two weeks into the campaign, Juan Urunga, Carlton’s senior marketing manager said that the reaction had been overwhelmingly positive.

“We were looking for a novel way to grab people’s attention and thought: what better way to get people talking about our great new product than helping bring back a beloved icon like mX?” he said.

“Print advertising is still a very effective platform and remains an excellent way for us to reach our target audience. Melbourne commuters also have a special relationship with mX, making the idea of this collaboration particularly attractive.”

Mr Foltin says that the campaign “makes a pretty good statement” about print. “You can be fun and creative in a different way, in an old-new way. We’ve been able to do it with a client along for the ride and it’s worked really successfully with CUB and PHD.”

Melbourne commuters received the first issue of the resurrected newspaper during the AFL Grand Final Week which saw the West Coast Eagles defeat local heroes, Collingwood, for the flag. The special editions can be found at Southern Cross, Flinders Street, Melbourne Central, Parliament, Flagstaff and Richmond stations each Wednesday throughout October.


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