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News drives home brand safety message

Social media disasters have placed brand safety at the forefront of advertisers’ minds in 2017, prompting News Corp Australia to launch a new campaign championing publishers’ brand-safe environments.

Asking advertisers “do you know where your ads are today?, the campaign showcases news publishers and traditional media as channels to reach audiences at scale in safe environments.

The trade press campaign capitalises on Google’s latest brand safety headache, which saw YouTube serve advertisements on paedophilic videos aimed at children.

Executive general manager of network sales Lou Barrett said: “We are launching the next iteration of our brand safety campaign to proactively reassure our customers that it is our priority to protect and enhance their brands.

“We invest heavily in premium generated content, third party audience measurement and are continually working towards creating safe environments for our customers.

“As creators and publishers of trusted content, we understand that context is critical and only trusted brands can offer genuine and safe environments for your brand. We understand the importance of appropriate ad placement.”

Ms Barrett said advertisers should feel confident that they get what they pay for and that they could genuinely trust News to deliver on that.

“We are committed to providing greater transparency to ensure our advertisers have a clear and accurate picture of where their budget is going and where their advertisements are being placed, as well as receiving a true and verified measure of audience engagement.”

This is the second brand safety campaign from News Corp in 2017, with the April campaign launched off the back of Youtube’s advertiser boycott [Link].

NewsMediaWorks’ 2017 ADTRUST study was used to inform the campaign which was created by Big Red and News Corp Australia’s creative services team.

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