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News harnesses network to launch true crime hub 

News Corp Australia’s new storytelling initiative, True Crime Australia, will utilise the company’s extensive network to explore the country’s dark history and drive engagement.

True Crime Australia launched last Sunday as an initiative of News360, with the purpose of feeding Australia’s increasing interest in true crime stories and driving new subscriptions and engagement across metro mastheads.

The new stand-alone site will investigate crime and criminals through a series of features and news stories in the form of text, multi-part specials, book extracts and podcasts. Metro mastheads will complement the site’s content in print and online through dedicated true crime sections.

Charles Miranda, national editor of True Crime Australia said: “The true crime genre has always been popular but never more so than now as there is a blur between fact and fiction.

“You watch TV or films and you see these horrific crimes or gut wrenching tragedies and it’s often not clear what is true life, what has been inspired by true events or completely made up by Hollywood. Audiences want to know the truth and would sooner follow a real life crime. There is always that thought the nightmare could happen to them or someone they love.”

The launch of True Crime Australia and News Corp’s true crime product offering will be supported by a creative print and digital ad campaign through all News Corp metro mastheads, 15 and 30 sec TV ads targeting crime programming. A digital and social media marketing campaign also will be used, including geo-targeting.

The ads will cycle between journalism, criminal and fact-led imagery and text.

News Corp’s crime writers contributing to True Crime Australia include:

  • Charles Miranda from News360
  • Andrew Rule from the Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun
  • Keith Moor from the Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun
  • Mark Morri and from The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph
  • Janet Fife-Yeomans The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph
  • Kate Kyriacou from The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail
  • Sean Fewster from The Advertiser and Sunday Mail
  • Nigel Hunt from The Advertiser and Sunday Mail

True Crime Australia launches off the back of several popular podcasts series produced by various News Corp mastheads. These include The Australian’s award winning series “Bowraville” and recently released “The Teacher’s Pet”, The Daily Telegraph’s “Eight Minutes” and the Herald Sun’s “Life and Crimes with Andrew Rule”.

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