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News media are the most trusted media 

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Trust in content 

Adtrust research shows that consumers understand that the content in news media is regulated and publishers held accountable for what they write. And this is true: there are a number of codes and guidelines that dictate basic journalistic standards in Australia and internationally, such as the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics and the Australian Press Council’s Standards of Practice. 

This system of self-regulation means gives credibility to the industry and increases consumer trust in news media in Australia. 


Trust in advertising 

Adtrust research indicates that trust in content directly impacts influences trust in ads. And greater trust leads to greater purchase intent.  

In other words, the environment or context in which the ads appear elevates the success of the ad.  

News media consumers understand that the ads in these environments are also regulated, and publishers are held accountable.  This is the opposite off social media that is seen as unregulated and unaccountable.  

NewsMediaWorks have a whole section of our website dedicated to advertising regulation, including cautionary tales of what happens when advertisers fail to meet the Australian standards.  


Trusted (and accessed) by young and old 

While we might traditionally associate trust in news media, especially newspapers, with an older audience, this is not true 

According to the Adtrust research, news media is highly trusted, including among under 35s.  In fact, Galaxy Research discovered that readers aged 18-34 trust ads in newspapers more than any other media and more than any other age group.  

Brands wishing to gain the trust (and custom) of millennials, take note!  


It’s all relative 

When we talk about trust in a particular medium, it’s never in a frictionless vacuum: trust in news media is high in comparison to other media such as social media platforms, which have become increasingly mistrusted due to concerns about data collection, privacy and the unregulated spread of fake and misleading content on these websites.  

Our Galaxy Research study found that nearly two thirds (63 per cent) said they do not trust advertising on Facebook. 

The Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 also found dwindling trust in digital platforms such as Google and Facebook: “overall, the world has 64 per cent trust in traditional media and only 44 percent in social media. In Europe and the US, trust in social media is down to 34 per cent.”  

Learn more about trust and news media here.  

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