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News media focus on trust, value of information in latest campaigns  

This week has seen the launch of the new ‘We’re For You” campaign from NewsCorp Australia, and earlier this month we saw The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age launch their “You Deserve to Know” campaign.   

Both campaigns support the key pillars of trust, purpose and the value of information.  

NewsCorp’s “We’re For You” campaign focuses specifically on its commitment to readers.  

The campaign included personal letters from the editors of each of its newspaper brands to coincide with television-delivered messaging.  

In Sydney, Daily Telegraph editor Ben English wrote, “You can trust that the stories we tell are the stories that touch your lives, that the issues we care about are the same as yours”.  

“Our news will never be fake. It will never be insincere. And it will never be contrary to what we know to be the facts. Our news will always be from the heart and delivered with consideration and conscience.” 

In Victoria, Herald Sun editor Damon Johnston wrote, “Trust has never been as important as it now is in this information age and its frenetic 24-hour news cycle. But trust is not simply given, it must be earned.”  


Earlier in the month The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age highlighted the value of public-interest journalism with “You Deserve to Know”.  

Chris Janz, Nine’s Managing Director of Publishing, said the mastheads “think it’s important to highlight the value to readers and society that comes from the pursuit of the truth. 

“This new campaign is about demonstrating to our subscribers and readers what the [Independent Always] philosophy looks like in practice.” 

Justin Hind from WiTH Collective, the agency behind the campaign’s creative, said “You Deserve To Know’ positions the mastheads front and centre of why quality journalism matters in today’s uncertain times.”  

These two Australian news media brand campaigns have been part of a wider movement of journalists rearticulating their value in a time of digital disruption, lack of trust in major institutions, and a demand by readers to have access to the truth.  

We have also seen campaigns from respected news media brands such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have focused on the importance of supporting quality sources of journalism and information at times when political and financial instability is epidemic.


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