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News media read by 17.5 million Australians, reaching 94% of the population: emma data

Key points:

·       emma cross-platform readership now calibrated to the IAB-accredited Nielsen Digital Content Ratings digital audience currency data.

·       Previously unreported digital audiences (off-platform, secure pages and mobile aged under 18) now captured in the emma figures.

·       Greater number of news media and magazine titles now able to report currency level total audiences.

·       Trend break in total audience comparisons until October 2019. Print is unaffected.

News media across all platforms are read by 17.5 million Australians, or 94 per cent of the population, according to the latest emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data1 for October 2018, released today.

The October emma data incorporates calibrated Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR) digital audiences, providing a complete picture for tagged sites of audiences both on and off-platform, for the first time.

The new audience data now integrates digital news media consumers measured by DCR but previously not included in the cross-platform readership. 

Digital news media is read by 15.6 million, or 84 per cent, of Australians. Total print news media readership is 12.2 million, or 66 per cent, of the population.

Metro newspapers are read by 9.9 million people, or 54 per cent of consumers. Regional and community newspapers are read by 5.8 million people, or a third of the population (31 per cent).

Additional newspaper mastheads will now receive a currency-grade total audience including regional mastheads.

NewsMediaWorks CEO, Peter Miller, said: “emma CMV, now with calibrated Nielsen DCR, means we can more accurately measure both on and off platform digital and print news media audiences. The data clearly demonstrates that the vast majority of Australians seek out their trusted news, entertainment and information in news media. News media offers unparalleled credible, independent journalism, which is why it comes as no surprise that it is Australia’s most trusted media channel2. That trust positively impacts purchase intent, and advertisers are taking note.”

This is the eighth month of emma cross platform readership data to come from Nielsen, in a new strategic collaboration announced in May. It is the first using DCR calibration.

The full integration of the IAB-accredited Nielsen DCR currency into emma will be possible with the delivery of Nielsen’s full synthetic digital respondent-level database at a date to be confirmed in the first half of 2019.

The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia’s highest-reaching title across all platforms with 7.43 million readers. The Daily Telegraph followed, reaching 4.5 million readers and the Herald Sun on 4.44 million (see table below).

The incorporation of calibrated Nielsen DCR digital audiences means that emma’s digital methodology has changed and there will be a trend break in the data, rendering year-on-year and month-on-month data comparisons of digital news media and total audience invalid. The trend break will last until October 2019. Print is unaffected.



1.      emmaTM, 12 months to October 2018. Readership based on last four weeks. Trends compared with 12 months to October 2017. Survey conducted by Ipsos Connect, people 14+, Nielsen Digital Panel, October 2018, People 14+ calibrated to Nielsen Digital Content Ratings data for the equivalent period

2.     ADTRUST; Galaxy Research online questionnaire, June 2017 (n=2,863 : 2 legs of n=1400 per media) and April 2018 (n=1400 : 1 leg of n=1400 per media) was conducted among a nationally representative sample of Australians aged 18 years and older. View full results at https://newsmediaworks.com.au/research_type/major-reports/

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