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NewsMediaWorks CEO featured in TrinityP3 podcast on trust

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NewsMediaWorks’ CEO Peter Miller sat down with Darren Woolley, CEO of TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants to talk about journalism and the big issues and currents in the news media.

The pair have been friends for many years and between them share a wealth of knowledge and experience in the media industry.

Some of the topics central to their discussion included the relevance of news media today, trust and ‘fake news’.

Miller spoke to the use of the term ‘fake news’ by some politicians to delegitimise critical journalism.

At the same time, he was quick to point out that savvy marketers working for publishers have used this time of political unease to tap into the public’s desire for the truth and reliable, balanced reporting.


Woolley also highlighted the necessity of quality news media for a fair society.

“People actually forget that journalism is one of the pillars of democracy.”

“I wonder if people [take] it for granted… at the very core of a media company is an inherent responsibility to be that fourth estate, to be that pillar of democracy.”

Both Miller and Woolley spoke to the sense of declining trust in social institutions, but the ongoing trust in traditional news media such as newspapers, as revealed in recent AdTrust research from NewsMediaWorks.

“I think people are now returning to print journalism and their related websites, because they can trust them,” said Miller.


Miller also described his early days in the media world, and the excitement that keeps drawing him back to the world of news.

“News media is a fascinating area because it is evolving and transitioning…and it affects people’s lives,” Miller told listeners.


You can listen to the entire podcast below:

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