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Nine moves to cost per completed view

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Nine has used its 2020 Upfront to announce that it will continue to grow 9Now as Australia’s leading commercial premium video provider and will compete more aggressively in the billion-dollar Australian online video market introducing cost per completed view on its short form and long form video products.

“From today, we will offer to price and trade all our BVOD and short form video based on a cost per completed view. You will only pay for views that have a 100 percent completion rate,” said Michael Stephenson Nine’s Chief Sales Officer.


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“A movement to a cost per completed view metric will create a level playing field and allow marketers to compare the real cost of advertising on Nine, Facebook and YouTube.

“Why is this so important? Advertising that is being seen for one second or sometimes not at all is not as valuable as advertising that is full screen has a 100 percent completion rate and is seen 100 percent of the time.”

Stephenson urged marketers and agencies to question the metrics of how they judge the effectiveness of their video advertising.

“It’s a complex and difficult landscape to navigate with each platform having vastly different metrics for what constitutes an ad being seeing, but at Nine advertisers who buy on a cost per completed view basis will only pay for ads that are viewed to completion.”

“The more of an ad that you see and the longer that you see it, the better the results. Advertising on BVOD is full screen, you see the whole ad, the sound is on and you can’t skip it,” said Stephenson.

“Our video inventory performs better than content surfaced in the crowded social environment. Our audience is highly engaged in premium, professionally created content and as a result, the completion rates are significantly higher than social video.”

“A move to a cost per completed view metric will allow Nine to compete aggressively in the billion-dollar Australian online video market with Facebook and Google”, said Stephenson.

Nine has led the way in simplifying the buying of its inventory across television and digital using its market leading proprietary technology 9Galaxy. Earlier this year, Nine was the first free-to-air Australian broadcaster to allow media buyers to buy both television and 9Now inventory from the one platform.

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