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Nine sells Weatherzone

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October 1, 2019

Nine has today confirmed the sale of its leading weather information provider Weatherzone to US-based insights, analysis and decision-support solutions firm DTN.

“We are pleased to have successfully completed a deal with DTN for the sale of Nine’s 75 per cent holding in Weatherzone,” said Hugh Marks, CEO of Nine. “This is a mutually beneficial deal which sees us exiting a non-core business in order to focus on Nine’s portfolio of high-growth, digital, consumer-facing assets.

“For the team at Weatherzone it aligns them with a leader in the insights space and allows them to continue to grow and expand their business.”

DTN, which is headquartered out of Minneapolis, said the acquisition underscores its commitment to bringing the most accurate and actionable insights to consumers and customers in weather-sensitive industries throughout the world.

“Today we are excited to bring Weatherzone to DTN and expand our business in Australia,” said Steve Matthesen, DTN CEO. “Weatherzone has a great team dedicated to serving consumers and clients with the best weather information and insights available. We look forward to working together, leveraging global technology to continue driving success for our customers.”

Weatherzone is the leading commercial provider of meteorological services in Australia, and specialises in providing services to weather-dependent businesses such as aviation, mining and transportation. Nine inherited its ownership of Weatherzone following the merger of Fairfax Media and Nine in December 2018.

The price in the transaction remains confidential.

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