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NZME to drive online growth with digital business team

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NZME has announced the launch of a new digital business division, designed to condense digital capabilities into one unit and grow audiences and revenue.

The new team will be lead by Laura Maxwell, who will move from her current role of chief commercial officer to chief digital officer.

The digital business unit will bring together various digital teams from the business, including product, development, sales, operations, NZME Vision, iHeartRadio.

The main focus of digital growth in the immediate future will be real estate, motoring and employment.

Ms Maxwell said this was an exciting time as the company continued to develop opportunities in the digital space.

“Expanding our digital footprint within our existing media channels and growing our new ventures, will allow us to connect with audiences in new ways. Digital businesses such as Ratebroker and Restaurant Hub are enabling us to reach new customers with smart, digital solutions to their everyday needs,” she said.

“The NZME breadth of digital touchpoints is creating more opportunities for our audiences to engage with us and our advertising clients to interact with our audiences.”

NZME CEO Michael Boggs said: “We will continue to invest in our traditional channels and our investment in digital will make our core business more accessible to our audiences and advertisers.

“We have successfully integrated digital elements into traditional media platforms, including the closed loop investment in the NZME printing facility, Washington Post’s ARC content management system in the newsroom and the introduction of iHeartRadio to New Zealand, extending the reach of NZME shows beyond markets that have terrestrial frequencies.”

Matt Headland, head of the agency sales team, will replace Ms Maxwell, as acting chief commercial officer.

NZME also announced that Matthew Wilson will permanently join the executive team as chief operations officer, a role he has been acting in since the beginning of the year.

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