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Our top insights pieces for 2018   

The power of news media to reach and influence key audiences at scale is undiminished.  Our own propriety research and the emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) allow us to deep-dive into key categories. 

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Highlights from the last 12 months include:  


 ADTrust   (June 2018)  

This report revealed that news media remains the most trusted media.

Greater trust in content leads to greater trust in ads which leads to greater purchase intent.


Automotive advertising (Nov 2018) 

793,000 people intend to buy a new car in the next 12 months, and news media delivers excellent efficiencies for the automotive industry in ways other media cannot. This is why the industry invested $273 million in advertising, according to Ebiquity’s 2016 Advertisers Report.  

Our report looks at five unique types of potential purchaser to define differing priorities people have when deciding what car to buy.


News readers are moving in (Sep 2018) 

News media connects with a massive 90 per cent of Australians intending to buy a property, a total of 1.9 million readers. News media readers intending to buy a property are 45% more likely to own investments worth over $500,000.  



Harnessing the wanderlust (Mar 2018) 

News media reaches 91 per cent of Australians intending to take a holiday. 13 million of those readers will be holidaying in Australia and six million abroad.  

47 per cent of those surveyed said that news media played a role in their holiday purchase decision.  



The power of community newspapers for automotive advertising (May 2018) 

Community newspapers have real power to reach potential car buyers. We found that 209,000 highly-engaged community newspaper readers are looking to buy a new car.  

Each year, 60 automotive brands with a total of 400 different models compete for 1.2 million car sales. With news media readers considering only 2.8 models from 2.2 brands when making a purchase decision, brands want to be at the forefront of their minds, and community newspapers prove an effective way to do it. 


TV and newspapers – Cross-media campaigns (Jul 2018) 

Television and newspaper are a strong combination for reaching audiences. 

55 per cent of newspaper readership hits highly-engaged newspaper readers who yield additional reach (14% per cent) and additional frequency (41 per cent) not achieved by a TV-only campaign.  

Reports are also available for newspapers & radio AND for newspapers & social media 


Banking and Finance (Feb 2018) 

News media offers the ideal environment for finance and insurance advertisers to engage customers in a trusted environment. As it stands, just 31% per cent of those surveyed trust banks to do the right thing.  

Luckily, readers trust ads in newspapers more than any other source: an opportunity for banking and finance advertising.  

We also found five consumer sentiments that finance companies need to address. Be sure to read the report to find out what they were!  


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