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People trust in news brands

by Peter Miller


As CEO of NewsMediaWorks I am privileged to meet with international publishers from time to time.

I get to hear their perspectives on our wonderful news media industry, the challenges they are confronting, and the trends that are occurring in many different markets. I also get to hear what’s working and what’s not.

Keeping up is a full-time job!

A constant theme is that great journalism is the key to attracting and engaging readers, especially in a time of information overload.

But what brings readers back to news brands again and again? What higher-order need motivates them to decide to make a longer-term commitment and subscribe?

The answer is trust. 

The consensus is that successful news brands earn this loyalty. Readers trust their favourite news brands to deliver the important news, insights and features consistently. And to deliver surprises in the mix!

Trust was very much the topic of the day at the Marcas de Verdad conference I attended in Buenos Aires earlier this month (‘marcas de verdad’ translates to ‘Real Brands’ or ‘Brands of Truth’ depending on how you interpret it).

Leonidas Rojas of ComScore LATAM referred delegates of the ‘halo’ effect that positively impacted advertising on legitimate news sites, earning 67% higher effectiveness than ads on digital platforms. The halo effect study (2016) had been conducted by ComScore in conjunction with Digital Content Next consortium in the USA.

This finding aligns with the findings of NewsMediaWorks AdTrust studies in 2017, 2018, and 2019 which determined that high levels of trust in content environments positively impacts trust in advertising in that environment. High levels of trust drives increased purchase intent.

No doubt there will be ample opportunities throughout 2020 to emphasise in discussions with advertisers, the powerful differentiator of trust consumers have in our authentic news brands.

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