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Print innovation on show at 2019 WAN-IFRA Awards

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Once again, ambitious projects have been highlighted at the annual WAN-IFRA Print Innovation Awards, celebrating the best and latest in newspapers and magazines.  

The awards, presented by the World Printers Forum, recognised work from 23 countries across seven categories, including work aimed at capturing young people, the next generation of news media consumers. 

Here are some of the innovative and interesting projects showcased at the Awards: 


Metro’s musical cover wrap  

An eye-catching coverwrap surrounds the Metro, celebrating the release of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. What’s more, upon opening the paper, it began playing the band’s most famous hit (click to see a video of the singing newspaper in action). 

The special edition papers were distributed by vendors dressed as Freddie Mercury to 5,000 commuters at London’s Liverpool Street and Waterloo stations.  

The promotion also included a free clip-on moustache. 


Grant Woodthorpe, executive director of investment at Mail Metro Media told Newsworks UK: “When the opportunity came along to create our first musical cover wrap with 20th Century Fox for Bohemian Rhapsody, we knew it was the perfect partnership.” 


Twój Weekend and shutting down pornography  

“We bought the most iconic porn magazine in Poland. And then we published the last ever issue before shutting down the magazine entirely.”  

Publisher Agora teamed up with brands with a long-term strategy of empowering women to buy the Twój Weekend magazine and shut it down. In place of the pornography, the last ever issue published by Agora focused on “sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights and progressive narratives on femininity”. 


Redesign of Fuldaer Zeitung (Germany): The publishers of the masthead said, “We realised that the printed newspaper has to change if it wants to reach out for a future generation of readers. Not just a simple re-brush, but a fundamental change in presenting the news.”  



Die Presse (Austria): “The newspaper as a puzzle adventure” campaign helped to inspire reader interaction with the newspaper medium. The judges said, “It creates a lasting experience that is characterised by curiosity to solve various puzzles within a newspaper edition.”  



As well as celebrating the creative work of the industry, the Awards also helped to highlight the key strengths of print media and newspaper advertising: 

  • Print is a physical product that “attracts all senses” 
  • Print combines well with other products  
  • Print can link to digital content (such as through hashtags and QR codes)  
  • Print readers are less distracted than viewers of other media 
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