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Public warning on NT ‘Mind Communicator’

A public warning has been issued to consumers by the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Gary Clements, to exercise caution when dealing with Colin Thompson trading as Esoteric Mind Specialist and The Addiction Doctor.

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Mr Thompson, a former owner of a Darwin smoke shop, Smokes N Things, describes himself as a ‘Mind Communicator’ and claims that he has the ability to instantly and permanently cure people of a range of medically incurable ailments as well as addictions including smoking.

Mr Clements said: “Consumer protection laws require that any claims being made by a business when they market their products and services are accurate, truthful and can be proven.”

Mr Thompson’s promotional materials include statements such as ‘general practitioners, specialist and surgeons can’t cure anything or anyone’ and ‘there is nothing in the physical world to take away the cause of an ailment permanently’. He has been unable to substantiate the efficacy of his treatment which he describes as ‘miraculous and supernatural’.

Mr Clements further states that, “As a regulator our concern is to protect the vulnerable, people seeking relief from serious illnesses, conditions or addictions. Particularly in the area of health services where there is a risk that people could stop conventional treatments, businesses must ensure that claims about their therapies are supported by credible and reliable results. They must not make false claims about the quality, history, benefits, performance or origin of a product or service.”

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