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Research shows 2 out of 3 Aussies mistrust Facebook

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A preview of new data from NewsMediaWorks’ ADTrust 2018 study shows that a majority of Australians trust Facebook significantly less that they did six months ago.

In the soon-to-be released report, Galaxy Research has found a majority of Australians are aware of varying issues and scandals surrounding the embattled social media platform.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which rocked the world in early 2018, has been a huge blow for Facebook in terms of trust. Sixty-five per cent of Australians are aware of the privacy issues surrounding the scandal, in which 87 million people worldwide had their data sold through a third party. In light of this, 58 per cent of Australians say that they now trust the platform less than they did six months ago.

Trust in advertising was even more worrying for Facebook, with just 14 per cent of people stating they trusted the content contained in advertising on the platform. Putting that into greater perspective, when subtracting the number of those who do not trust from those who do, Australians were found to have a minus-49 per cent net trust in Facebook ads.

The figure reinforces the findings of the first ADTrust report last year that showed newspapers were the most trusted form of media.

Australians were highly aware of the general privacy issues surrounding the site (not explicitly related to Cambridge Analytica) at 81 per cent of respondents. Only six percent were unaware.

Fake news is still a persistent problem for the platform despite Facebook committing resources to better inform users how to identify and avoid false information. Three in four Australians are aware of fake news issues – a finding that complements that of the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer report which showed 70 percent of people were concerned with the issue.

The ADTrust 2018 report will be available in June 2018.

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