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Discover the latest audience insights and evidence you need to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Connect with 4.8 million under-35s with news media

News media is an effective platform to reach younger audiences   

News media drives auto advertising success 

News media reaches 96 per cent of Australians looking to buy a new car  

Newspaper advertising reaches 2.7 million Australians by lunchtime

Advertising in news media delivers fast and powerful results for advertisers 

Download the 2018 AdTrust study: ‘The Company You Keep’

Building on our landmark 2017 AdTrust study, ‘The Company You Keep’ reveals the latest findings into consumers’ trust in media.  Covering users’ trust in content and advertising...

Campaign highlights how trusted content pays off for advertisers

NewsMediaWorks – with the support of foundation partners News Corp Australia, Fairfax Media and Seven West Media – has launched a trade advertising campaign to...

Newspapers engage sports lovers like no other medium 

News media advertising delivers efficiency of scale and reach when targeting sports lovers

Millennials trust ads in news media most: research

While millennials are often perceived as disengaged with traditional media, opting for online streaming devices and social media platforms, Galaxy Research discovered that readers aged...

Five things great ads do that bad ads don’t

The more an ad engages with readers, the more likely they are to respond. Here are the five key points of engagement that drive sales.

TV and computer shoppers are plugged into news media 

News media reaches 4.2 million potential computer buyers and 2.4 million prospective television buyers.  

Resurgence of trust in traditional media

Scandals around fake news and increased conversations on trust have seen trust in journalism for general news and information rise by five per cent in...

The Truth Builds Trust’ news media campaign to return in 2019 after successful debut

NewsMediaWorks today announced that the initial flight of its marketing campaign, ‘The Truth Builds Trust’, which promotes of the value of authentic news environments to...

Trust report: Peter Miller

It is an incredibly exciting time for news media.  We are growing our audiences across multiple platforms.  We are delivering a highly trusted, quality environment...

793K readers intend to buy a new car in the next 12 months

News media delivers excellent efficiencies for the automotive industry in ways other mediums cannot, which is why the industry invested $273 million in advertising, according...

Behind The Truth Builds Trust campaign

The NewsMediaWorks advertising campaign highlighting the strength of advertising in an environment of trusted content has featured across the front pages and news sections of...

News media’s a healthy choice – 4.9 million readers are prospects for health insurance advertisers

Health insurance advertisers are clearly not fully leveraging their opportunity to engage 4.9 million prospects.

ADvance benchmarking: Two ads with the right remedy

With two different newspaper campaigns, Priceline’s clear communication built the brand and drove call-to-action. LANCE CLATWORTHY looks at the success of an ad that promoted...

News media readers are in a class of their own

Advertisers should look towards news media when targeting future travelers as readers are flying in scale, flying more and buying premium seats.

Cashed-up readers ready to spend on property

News media has always been an important channel for real estate advertisers and agents as it offers a wide-reaching, engaged and wealthy audience.

Spur adventure with cracking creative

Using imagery at its best, two advertisers – the Cook Islands and Traveller.com.au – adopted different ways to brands and drive a call-to-action.

Get employment advertising working in news media

Making employment advertising standout can be a difficult task, but adding the extra element of news media can cut through the busy and crowded marketplace...

Trust falls in social platforms as consumers sharpen media choices

Australians’ trust in social media channels has fallen in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and concerns about data privacy, while trust in newspapers,...

Joint regional TV and newspaper campaigns engage more regional consumers

Married at First Sight and The Bachelor franchise may make you believe that anything that matches with television will not work out. But pairing your...

Advertising in news media is betting on a sure thing

While playing the pokies or grabbing a lotto ticket is full of risk, turning to newspapers to advertise punting products is not. News media reaches...

Research shows 2 out of 3 Aussies mistrust Facebook

A preview of new data from NewsMediaWorks’ ADTrust 2018 study shows that a majority of Australians trust Facebook significantly less that they did six months ago. In...