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Why news brands are just the ticket for tourism

Domestic tourism is enjoying a bumper period as more Australians holiday closer to home. ADRIAN FERNANDES shows how local travel brands can use news brands to capture their slice of a vibrant market.

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Infographic_DOMESTIC TRAVEL_DIGITALAcross the economy, the falling dollar is having an impact. Retailers of imported goods are under pressure while agriculture and manufacturing enjoy a lift in demand. The weaker dollar is also benefiting domestic tourism.

Figures released by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) reveal record spending on domestic travel this year – $55.7 billion, up 6 per cent on the previous year.1

Holiday trips ($27 billion) and business travel ($13 billion) have been the main contributors to this growth. At a state level, Tasmania recorded double-digit growth in visitor numbers (22%) with Western Australia (14%) and Victoria (7%) recording strong increases, too.

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Latest emma data indicates that 15 million travellers who are planning a domestic trip are also newspaper readers. Each month, national and metropolitan newspapers reach 9.6 million travellers planning an interstate trip.

Papers are second only to online as the most useful media that influences holiday decisions. Some 31 per cent of Australians say they use newspapers to plan their next trip.

Figures reveal 4.2 million domestic travellers consume 7+ editions every week.

Some 2.4 million of these access newspaper journalism on their mobile. This mobile audience is 6 per cent more likely to travel for business or holidays in the next 12 months than non-readers.

Newspapers offer a prime environment for advertising packaged tours and short stay holidays. People who read a newspaper in the last week are 15 per cent more likely to “like packaged tours where everything is organised” than non-readers, and 12 per cent more likely to “take multiple short breaks, rather than long annual holidays each year”.

Popular destination

Travel sections are a popular destination for more than 7 million readers. One in two (48%) print readers have read a travel section in the past four weeks. Some 63 per cent of travel section readers have taken a domestic holiday in the last six months. Domestic holiday brands can influence a large portion of potential customers through travel sections.

Proof is in the bookings

The tourism category regularly produces great print campaigns that are proven to work.

Tasmanian travel operator, TT Line, used metro newspapers advertising to reverse falling passenger numbers.

The brand produced 12 campaigns that heavily involved newspapers to reach an estimated 73 per cent of Victorians and 53 per cent of Tasmanians.

The campaign worked, with passenger numbers increasing 8 per cent year-on-year to 360,000 visits and forward bookings increasing 14 per cent. For more detail on the campaign, click here.

Tourism New Zealand relied heavily on print advertising for their ‘Everyday, a different story’ campaign. Their agency, TBWA/Whybin produced a series of standout ads that helped deliver 316 per cent ROI for their client. For more information on the Tourism New Zealand campaign, click here.


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