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A token effort

Coupons printed in newspapers and magazines are a powerful promotional tool for retailers, big and small.


Shoppers tear it up

A compelling coupon offer can attract a large number of new customers in a short time. That’s why they’ve gained remarkable acceptance and popularity among retail marketers.

Another simple explanation for the continued popularity of coupons is their overwhelming use by value conscious consumers.

Latest consumer data from emma shows print newspapers are a key source of coupons for shoppers.

Some 3.8 million consumers, or 21 per cent of shoppers, say they regularly cut out and use coupons found in newspapers or magazines. This includes 1.5 million main grocery buyers who read newspaper media each month.

Retailers can give sales an immediate boost by printing coupon promotions in newspapers.

This article was originally published in The Works: 2016 Q1 Report
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