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Advertisers have ticket to ride

Commuter numbers are increasing on public transport in our cities. TANYA SHINN shows how digital news media advertising catches consumers on the move.


Mass engagement vehicle

Some 3.1 million Australians say they commute to work by bus, ferry, rail or tram – an increase of 84,000 in the last year.

The typical commuter spends an average of 61 minutes on public transport each working day, according to the latest emma data. That adds up to 10 full days on public transport a year!

Digital news media can help advertisers reach these consumers at a time when they are removed from the distractions of work or home.

State of play

Sydneysiders spend the most time commuting, at 73 minutes each day. Workers in Melbourne spend 65.4 minutes, followed by Adelaide (64.4mins) and Perth (56.4mins). Brisbanites have the shortest commuting times at 55.8 minutes.

And these travel times shows no sign of easing.

The typical work commute time increased by 1 minute each way in the last year – around 7.8 extra additional hours of travel over the year.

Captive audience

According to the research, these commuters are more likely access the internet during peak commuter times between 6am-9am than any other time of day.

They are also 22 per cent more likely access the internet during peak commuter times than the average consumer.

Similar results emerge for the return trip, where workers who use public transport are 18 per cent more likely to access the internet between 4pm-6pm compared with the norm.

Whether by bus, ferry, train or tram, these workers want to be productive and entertained during their commute.

Some 89 per cent (1.9 million) use the internet during these peak commuting times to keep themselves busy by looking for information about products and services.

Paying bills online has similar results, while four out of five commuters read the news on their phone or tablet.

Moving target

Advertising with news media is one of the most effective ways for brands to reach 2.8 million (94%) commuters. A large slice of metro commuters turn to newspaper journalism on mobile platforms when on public transport.

One in five (22%) travellers have read newspaper journalism on their mobile device when on public transport in the last four weeks, according to new emma figures.

More than one quarter of commuters who ride a tram (27%) have read a newspaper on their mobile device in the last four weeks.

Some 23 per cent of those who commute by train read a digital newspaper on their smartphone or laptop, while passengers on the buses (21%) and ferry (22%) recorded similar results.

Digital news media provides advertisers with the opportunity to engage with consumers at a time when they’re actively looking for information and entertainment, in an environment where they have the time and space to fully engage with news content, including advertising.

Source: emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending May 2016; Nielsen DRM May 2016, People 14+ only.


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