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Newspaper media provides the right connection

Newspaper media advertising connects with nine in every 10 consumers who are seeking new broadband services to boost their speeds and feeds for web-surfing, video-on-demand services and much more, writes ADRIAN FERNANDES

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  • Broadband downloads have increased 33% in the most recent 12-month period surveyed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • 6 million are seeking to upgrade their internet services or switch plans, emma data shows.
  • Newspaper media read by 93% of those considering a new provider or upgrade
  • 3 million have read a technology section in a newspaper in the past month.


Latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows average broadband downloads by households grew more than 33 per cent in the 12-month period to last December, and this growth shows no sign of slowing.

According to the 2015 Telsyte Digital Consumer Study, 25 per cent of homes have a smart TV, of which 71% are connected to the internet. The same study found each household as an average eight connected devices. Some 6.2 million adults use apps to message, video or make calls, according to a separate study, the 2015 ACMA Digital Lives Report.

Internet, the fourth utility

Consumers see internet as a utility, just as they have come to regard electricity, water and gas. Consequently, expectations of reliability and speed are high. Recent research indicates of internet service providers (ISPs) are disappointing customers.

A study by Canstar reveals 45 per cent of consumers believe they can get a better broadband deal by switching providers and two in five (38%) have sought a better deal in the past year. Emma data also reflects this trend, finding 2.6 million seeking new home internet services.

So-called churn-rate – the move of customers from one service to another – is one of the most significant commercial challenges facing ISPs. To be successful, they must not only to hold on to current customers but attract those walking away from competitors.

Newspaper media up to speed

Latest emma figures indicate that newspaper media can help ISP brands deliver effective customer retention campaigns and drive new customer acquisition efforts by reaching the right prospects.

Newspaper media reaches 93 per cent of those actively looking to buy or upgrade their service, and some 64 per cent of those have read a print newspaper in the past month.

Four in five consumers (82%) who are unhappy with their broadband provider picked up a print newspaper in the last four weeks.

Tech sections deliver engaged audience

Newspaper technology sections are a great place for internet brands to message an engaged audience.  According to emma, 1.3 million consumers read a newspaper technology section in the last four weeks. Those who are about to upgrade the deals are 29% more likely to read a newspaper technology section than the general population.

Newspapers right for (Re)appraisal

Presenting a brand in a new light to current customers can improve retention, drawing attention to positive brand and service attributes that may not be top of mind.

(Re)Appraisal advertising surprises and challenges by presenting the brand, or an issue, in an unexpected way. It provokes a rethink. This can be a powerful marketing strategy for IPS brands looking to communicate positive brand attributes to current customers.

Newspaper media advertising is proven to deliver the right platform to deliver (re)appraisal advertising. For more information on (Re)appraisal campaigns and examples of how newspapers helped other brands prompt brand re-evaluation, click here.


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