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Car brands gear up for EOFY

The end of financial year (EOFY) is one of the busiest periods for car advertisers as they try to hook buyers with low interest on finance and knock down prices. ADRIAN FERNANDES picks some standout examples of print ads produced by car brands in recent weeks.

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Many auto brands promote their EOFY sales in newspaper media in the weeks leading up to EOFY. Producing ads that catch prospect buyers’ attention is vital, and car brands adopt a range of creative tactics to increase stand out.

Here’s a rundown of some stand out auto ads that have appeared in newspapers across the country in the past few weeks.

BMW go big on brand cues

This execution appeared in the Geelong Advertiser on the 6th of June 2015, with similar localised ads published in newspapers across the country.


BMW have produced a print campaign that uses their iconic brand cues to great effect.

The creative uses the BMW’s trademark blue and white colours to great effect, while the central image involves a clever play on the BMW iconic grill.

A free servicing offer is bolded and highlighted to stand out among the detailed ad copy.

Lexus light up the Headline

Lexus published this sleek ad in a number of metro publications including The Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Mercury and The NT Advertiser.


The creative uses a yellow and black palette and an attention grabbing headline to standout from competitors’ ads and attract the attention of prospective buyers.

Out with the old, in with the new

Mitsubishi make their creative work hard as they promote both their EOFY sale and the arrival of new models.


The compelling offer of a free upgrade from manual to automatic, valued at $3000, is emphasised with a red text box to pique reader interest.

Hyundai  entice readers with big offer

Hyundai printed this EOFY ad in The Age on the 1st of June 2015.



The predominant feature of the ad is the compelling 1% p.a. comparison rate finance deal available to those who buy a Sonata, Accent, Genesis or Elantra model.

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