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Connect with 4.8 million under-35s with news media

Latest analysis of emma data reveals the strong potential of news media to connect with and engage readers aged 18 to 34.  

In fact, there are 4.8 million Australians in this age group that consume news media, representing an attractive audience for advertisers seeking to increase exposure to young people.  

News media readers represent 90 per cent of all under-35s. This age group is consuming digital news media and printed newspapers, with 2 million young people found to be consuming both formats.  

The research analysis also identified the unique qualities of this audience segment: news media readers aged 18 to 34, compared to non-readers, are:  

  • More likely to be concerned about eco-friendly products 
  • More discerning when it comes to cooking and selecting food, for example choosing products that are healthier or of a higher quality  
  • More active in the real estate market 
  • More likely to be planning travel in the near future 
  • More likely to be tertiary-educated  

AdTrust research into the same demographic shows that younger audiences are also more trusting of ads in news media, and trusted ads drive increased purchase intent.  

What kinds of media do young people trust? AdTrust research reveals that printed newspapers are the most trusted medium when it comes to trust in content, while digital news media is the most trusted online media. Social media is the most distrusted. 

For more information about how news media advertising can be used to deliver messages that young people will trust, download the full research report here and the infographic here


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