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Dial M for Mobile

ALMOST 3 million consumers say newspapers are most useful when choosing a telco provider. ADRIAN FERNANDES shows how mobile phone brands can find new customers with newspaper media.

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Mobile phones are entwined into our lives. The growth of data downloads on mobile is outstripping both fixed and wireless broadband and handset sales doubled in the year to June 2014, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Seven out of 10 consumers aged 14+ own a mobile phone, which is 6 percent more than the total of those who own a personal computer (65%), according to emma.

The heat of competition for smartphone users has become more intense as local providers, such as Telstra and Optus, align with internet TV services Netflix, Stan and Presto to package deals to win new clients.

Mobile readership rising

The newspaper print audience is a sizeable target for these companies.

Not content with their morning paper, some 3 million also download news from publishers during the day. A total 40 percent of young readers – those aged 18-24 – make up this mobile newspaper audience.

Sign ’em up

emma data has found 1.5 million readers are thinking about renewing or switching their mobile phone provider at any given time.

Almost half (42%) are willing to sign 12-month or two-year contracts, while a third prefer a prepaid deal. Heavy newspaper readers, those who read 7+ copies a week, are 22 percent more likely to sign a 12-month contract than non-readers.

Appy customers

Readers’ appetite for smartphone and data deals is in part based on their love of the apps that are constantly coming on to their market. Heavy readers of newspapers say they rely on them to help run their lives, and a quarter say they’ve downloaded a new app in the past month.

Their use of smartphones goes beyond this. Some 98 percent use them for email, 93 per cent have searched for product information and almost two-thirds (78%) have watched a video.

All in hand

Overall, 11.2 million newspaper media readers own a smartphone. iPhone is the most popular brand with a third of the market, followed by Samsung (25 percent). Half of the nation’s newspaper readers are currently Telstra clients, while second-placed Optus holds 18 percent of this market segment.

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