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Fairfax Media drives results for AAMI

An interactive smartphone campaign has driven strong results for car insurer AAMI, according to a new advertising effectiveness study released by Fairfax Media.

Campaign objectives:

  • Encourage customers to think about their car insurance before it’s due every year
  • Remind time-poor consumers that any small-medium car damage could be repaired in 24 hours with AAMI


A custom interactive smartphone execution – built by Fairfax Media’s in-house Digital Innovation Services team – allowed users to swipe and erase car damage, which quickly and easily demonstrated the simplicity of AAMI’s service repairs.

AAMI’s “Make a Minor Ding a Minor Thing” campaign ran across Fairfax’s national mobile homepages.


A post-campaign effectiveness study, conducted by company Millward Brown, evaluated the impact of the ad unit. The brand effectiveness research study showed the custom campaign significantly improved association between the brand and campaign message. Key results include¹:

  • Advertising recall twice as high as the control group²
  • Message recall five times higher than the control group²
  • The campaign outperformed Global Desktop Insurance benchmarks³ on advertising awareness, with recall for the AAMI campaign 73 per cent higher than global norms
  • A click through rate 49 times higher than mobile advertising industry benchmarks⁴

AAMI’s “Make a Minor Ding a Minor Thing” campaign was built by Fairfax Media’s in-house Digital Innovation Services team.

News media reach insurance buyers

Rising premiums, greater competition and the growth of price comparison websites are encouraging consumers to shop around for insurance products.

Consumer data from emma shows that at any one time 4.4 million consumers of newspaper media are in the market for health, home, motor and travel coverage.

Sources – supplied by Fairfax Media:

  • ¹ Study methodology: A control / exposed methodology was utilised, with a survey launching upon exposure to the campaign. Control respondents were recruited prior to the campaign commencing. (Total sample; n=2,272. Control: n=2,016, Exposed: n=256)
  • ²Millward Brown Ad Index Study, February 2016.
  • ³Millward Brown Desktop Global Norms for all Insurance campaigns (n=147+ campaigns)
  • ⁴ Rich Media Gallery, display benchmarks
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