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Ads fresh off the press

Print ads promoting fresh, locally grown fruit and veg produce outstanding results in this week’s ADvance creative benchmarking case-study.

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Grocery buyers are rethinking their shopping habits following recent negative press around the quality of imported food products.  Consumer rights group, Choice, is telling shoppers to buy locally grown fruit and veg that’s “clean, green and healthy.”

Online food retailer Aussie Farmers Direct and potato brand PMC use print newspapers to advertise their 100% Australian grown produce.

Both creative executions use great photography and crisp copy to deliver some of the highest scores ever achieved in our creative benchmarking series.

Aussie Farmers Direct Execution

This full page ad appeared in The Western Australian on March 4. It’s a clean execution incorporating simple imagery, a thought provoking headline and succinct copy. The ad also displays clear call-to-action information and branding on the footer.


Fresh Potatoes Execution

This full page ad also appeared in The Western Australian in late February. The ad contains portraits of local potato farmers, a beautiful landscape and a mouth-watering photo of freshly cooked potatoes. The copy is simple, highlighting that the produce is grown locally with high food safety standards.


Strategic RoleMap

Six strategic advertising roles of newspapers have been validated both qualitatively and quantitatively by The Newspaper Works, resulting in the creation of RoleMap. For more information on this map, click here.

IndividualGraphs_USE THIS ONE

The Aussie Direct execution is one of the best performing ads tested in ADvance, significantly outscoring ad norms in five of the six role metrics.

One in two respondents (52%) said the ad raises an important issue, 42 percent higher than the newspaper ad average.

“Good on them – it raises an important issue”

“Very good and hopefully encourages more people to buy Australian so we know where our food comes from.”

The ad also scored highly in terms of driving brand affinity.  Some 47 percent of respondents said the ad made the Aussie Farmers Direct brand more appealing to them.

“I will be looking into what they offer to help Australian farmers.”

“It makes me feel that I really want to support Aussie farmers and that this choice will be safer for me and my family.”

The Fresh Potatoes execution also outscored the newspaper norms in five of the six role metrics.

Some 30% of respondents said the ad encourages them to think differently about the brand.


Newspapers are recognised as an effective medium for delivering a Call to Action. ActionMap, another proprietary newspaper metric, expands on this strategic role to provide an understanding of the types of action a newspaper ad inspires. For more information on ActionMap, click here.

IndividualGraphs_USE THIS ONE

Both print ads successfully inspired a range of actions from respondents.

Prominent online call-to-action content in the footer worked for Aussie Farmers Direct encouraged as 39 percent of respondents said they would likely to share details online and one in four said they’d visit the website.

One in three respondents said they would cut out and keep the Fresh Potatoes ad.

Brand Perception

IndividualGraphs_USE THIS ONE

The Aussie Farmers Direct had a strong impact on shopper perceptions with two in three respondents saying the ad improved brand familiarity and differentiated the brand from competitors.

The Fresh Potatoes ad also drove brand scores up with one in two respondents (55%) saying the ad made the brand more appropriate to them and 57% saying the ad improved familiarity with the brand.

Creative Diagnostics

IndividualGraphs_USE THIS ONE

Respondents loved the visuals of both ads, with the Aussie Farmers Direct creative achieving some of the best scores ever ADvance.

Respondents loved the combination of eye-catching image with minimal copy.

The photography in the Fresh Potatoes campaign also drove high scores.


Grocery shoppers are happy to pay a premium for locally sourced produce to support Aussie farmers and ensure their food is of the highest quality. Newspaper media offer a direct path to a high number of grocery buyers who spend more on premium food brands – for more information, click here.

Aussie Farmers Direct and the PMC “Fresh Potatoes” campaign show just how well a print ad can perform with the eye-catching imagery and neat copy.


Research conducted online by Ipsos Media CT. Fieldwork conducted March 2015. Sample aged 18+, based in Sydney, separate samples tested for each ad: n = 103 for Aussie Farmers Direct ad, n = 103 for Fresh Potatoes. Significance tests conducted at 90% confidence level. Full details of methodology, Role Map and Action Map available on www.newsmediaworks.com.au


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