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Get employment advertising working in news media

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Job seekers from across the industry spectrum are more likely to be reading and engaged by news media. News media reaches 85 per cent of people currently looking for a job. Digital news media reaches 2.3 million job hunters, newspapers hit 1.9 million, and news media-owned employment websites receive 203,000 visitors.

Eighteen per cent of those aged 14+ are seeking a new job. One in three labourers and accommodation & food services staff are currently looking, while one in five of those working in sales, administrative & support services and retail trade are also searching.

White collar workers are also on the move, with 14 per cent of managers and professionals and 11 percent of C-suite executives (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.), currently looking for their next role.

News media reaches 2.8 million, or 85 per cent, of job seekers. Digital media is the highest reaching channel, followed in order by print, online job sites and the employment section. This trend is reflected across each professional sector.

The medium reaches more professional, white collar workers than any other professional sector (93 per cent). While the overall reach of news media to C-suite executives is a few points behind (89 per cent), newspapers reach is highest at 70 per cent, significantly above the average for total news media readers. News media-owned online job sites also reaches more C-suite executives (11 per cent).

Job seekers across the country demonstrate similar levels of news media reach, however, Tasmania shows the highest levels.

Specialist employment websites (excluding those news media-owned) are often no more targeted than news media-owned specialist websites to those who read news media when compared to the total job seeking population. News media-owned employment sites index particularly well with C-suite executives (+75 per cent) and managers (+25 per cent).

The employment section of newspapers can be a valuable tool to attract blue collar workers. Readers of this section are 55 per cent more likely to be machinery operators and drivers seeking jobs and 54 per cent more likely to work in transport, post delivery and warehousing. Construction workers index at +38 per cent more likely to be readers of the employment section

Job seeking visitors to news media-owned employment websites index strongly for a wide variety of advertiser targets, but administrative and support workers are more than twice as likely (+146 per cent) to check out these sites compared to all job seekers. Education and training workers and C-suite executives are next most likely to use the sites, indexing at 105 per cent and +75 per cent respectively.

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