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Get some action

In the second article in our series “Better Ads by Design”, ADRIAN FERNANDES presents five print ads that set shoppers on the path to purchase.

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The Holy Grail of advertising is to provoke consumers into action. Our library of ADvance creative benchmarking reports proves that great print creative  gets shoppers thinking, encourages online search, increases footfall and delivers sales.

Penfolds wrapped up with sales

Wine company Penfolds shows that newspaper wraps are a great way to build brand awareness and drive response to new offers. This wrap, promoting the Penfolds 2014 Bin Series, was published in The Sydney Morning Herald in May 2014.Penfolds wrap

ADvance data shows the ad excelled at stimulating buyers’ interest in Penfolds. Some 14% of readers who viewed it said they wanted to buy or try wine from the series.

Stylish art direction and clear, simple copy combined to great effect.

“The ad gave the impression that Penfolds red wines in the Bin range are slightly higher in quality than other labels. (This) made me consider going back to drinking reds more regularly”.”

“I have an interest in the Bin Series. It provided me with the incentive to visit the bottle shop to buy some.”

-Survey Respondents

Myer make-up shopper minds with offer

Myer published this half page ad in “body+soul” a lift out inserted into weekend publications owned by News Corp Australia.Myer

It announces an attractive in-store promotion whereby customers who spend $70+ on Estée Lauder products are entitled to a free Estée Lauder gift pack.

ADvance scores show the creative successfully attracted a high number of female shoppers as one in four (23%) said they would visit Myer after seeing this ad.

Respondents indicated that design elements increased standout.

The choice of background colouring was commended by many. Ad copy began with a tight summary of the offer, bolded to catch attention. Real prospects were happy to read further.

“It’s brightly coloured, pretty, perfectly positioned items, appealing.”

 “It really makes me want to go to Myer and look at possibly buying something from the Estee Lauder range so I can receive the gift set.”

-Survey Respondents

IKEA creative delivers clicks

IKEA is a master at producing eye-catching ads that incorporate the right balance of colour, space and information.

This execution appeared in The West Australian, promoting bedroom furniture sales and free delivery for shoppers at IKEA depots in Bunbury and Busselton WA.


Some 28% of WA respondents said they would go online for further information after viewing it.

By clearly drawing attention to free online delivery in the headline and bolding the delivery URL to increase visibility, IKEA made it simple for shoppers to take the next step in the online path to purchase. The ad delivered almost three times the levels of online search than the average print ad.

“It’s very clean and fresh. It’s simple but has a sense of elegance to it. I’ll checkout their site”

 “The delivery website is really easy to spot.”

-Survey Respondents

Scenic Tours get ‘em talking

This Scenic Tours’ creative solution is destination-based, highlighting the cultural side of river cruising while promoting an early-bird call to action.scenic

Its centrepiece, a headline offering free return flights to France as part of each of three packages, worked brilliantly to encourage positive word of mouth. One in five respondents said they would tell someone else about the offer.

“This ad is similar to other travel ads but the magical word “free” stands out to grab your attention.”

“Clearly anything free catches your attention – enough further information is included. You look for the catch but at least the prices of the cruises are listed, so you can decide whether to follow up.”

-Survey Respondents

Bunnings ad builds memories

This print ad for Bunnings was published in The West Australian newspaper in June 2014.

It has a strong emphasis on product prices, staff/service (photograph of a team member and trading hours) and is packed with product offerings. The use of characteristic elements make this an easily recognisable ad for Bunnings.


This ad scored well above the ADvance norm in terms of memorability. Some 25% of respondents said they would remember information contained in this ad for later, nearly double the score attained by the average print ad.

“The ad is very different and easy to remember and relate to the brand. It’s unique to Bunnings and different to other hardware store ads.”

“Informative ad – I didn’t realise they opened at 7am – learnt something about the retailer that I didn’t know.”

-Survey Respondents

Some common ground

Results from the above ADvance reports indicate that print ads work. Depending on the strategic goal of the ad campaign, newspaper advertising can elicit a number of desirable actions from readers, no matter what the category. These great print ads share some common design elements that lift their effectiveness that print advertisers should take note of when designing their next newspaper campaign.

Each ad hooked readers in with their headline copy. Whether it be a free gift or early opening hours, shoppers engaged with the ad and prospects kept reading.

Readers prefer tight copy. Presenting key information within a few sentences proved successful for these ads.

Each execution had clear call to action. Buyers were given the necessary information for them to take the next step in the path to purchase.



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