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News media readers buy big on house and home products

In the 1st of a 4 part series looking at Retail, LANCE CLATWORTHY examines how news media can deliver for House and Home advertisers, especially with two well targeted sections of newspapers.


When it comes to house and home related purchases, news media not only offers advertisers mass reach to the target market, we can also see that readers are bigger spenders in the category. And newspaper sections are especially effective at reaching target audiences. For example, compared to those who don’t read news media, the Leisure and Lifestyle section is read by enthusiasts who are 40 per cent more likely to be big spenders on Garden and Hardware. Similary the Property section hits the big spenders on Homewares and Furnishings (40% more likely) while also hitting those splashing the cash on White goods and Appliances (52% more likely).*1


News media also delivers these strengths as a bundle newspaper and digital news media advertising package. News media is more likely to reach top 20% spenders on Garden & Hardware (+26% more likely), Homewares & Furnishings (+34% more likely) and White goods & Appliances (+41% more likely), with the Leisure & Lifestyle section and Property each delivering even stronger indexes for all of these categories.*1


To appreciate the scale, we see news media giving advertisers the opportunity to engage 90 per cent of Australians (aged 14+) in each of the categories; 9.8m spending on Garden & Hardware, 4.1m Homewares & Furnishings and 1.7m White goods & Appliances. We find a high incidence of people spending on house and home – relative to non-readers – there’s more of them AND they’re spending more. For example, readers are 10 per cent more likely to visit a hardware store at least every 3 months.*2


News media demonstrates strengths for advertisers, but these are further reinforced in some states depending what category we’re seeking to promote. For Garden & Hardware, compared to all Australians who don’t read news media, a state based view reveals an increased likelihood of reaching the advertiser’s target market in WA (25% more likely) and QLD (18% more likely).*7


Returning to specialist newspaper sections, they obviously don’t provide the full reach of a cross channel news media campaign, but they do provide for increased efficiency in the media buy, also bringing the benefits of proper context for house and home advertisers. Of the 4.5m who read the Leisure and Lifestyle section, 63 per cent are Garden & Hardware prospects with appeal to both retail advertisers and the product/brand owners – readers of this section are 18 per cent more likely to be active in the category.  There are similar strengths across our 3 key advertiser categories for readers of  Leisure & Lifestyle and for the Property section too.


Appealing to retailers and product/brand owners alike, across the house and home category, news media offers advertisers access to 90% of the target market with a skew towards the bigger spenders.  Newspaper sections and some regions are shown to offer additonal efficiencies in targeting the right shoppers, with sections also providing more aligned context.


Source : emma™ 12 months to Sep 2017. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+ ; Nielsen DRM Sep 2017, People 14+ only.

*1 Index news media readers likelihood of being in Top 20% spenders in the category v non-readers of news media = 100 ix. Note that $$ pw represents the average weekly spend of the Top 20% spenders in the category.

*2 Garden & Hardware : Visit a hardware chain store at least every 3 months (Bunnings, Home Hardware, Mitre 10 or Masters) OR Purchased Garden/Hardware from a department store in the last year.

*3 Homewares & Furnishings : Visit a furniture/homeware chain store at least every 3 months (Eg Spotlight, IKEA, Harvey Norman, SuperAMart etc as emma defn) OR Purchased furniture/homewares from a department store in the last year.

*4 White goods & Appliances : Visit an Electrical chain store at least every 3 months (Betta Electrical, Bing Lee, The Good Guys) OR purchased white goods/appliances from a department store in the last year.

*5 Readers = News media readers (% of) indicates the Percentage of news media readers who are in the target category.

*6 “More likely” is the percentage of readers occurring in the target category indexed against the percentage of non-readers who occur in the target category.

*7 For example, WA 125 ix means that the target are 25% more likely to have bought garden/hardware products in WA during the last 12 month – that’s 25% more than all non-readers of new media across Australia.

*8 The department store which sold the given category to the most news media readers in the last 12 months. Note that department stores (above) = Kmart, Myer, Big W, Target, David Jones, Harris Scarfe.


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