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The biggest jobs market

Employers reach high-calibre candidates via print and digital news media.


  • 3.7 million go to job sites and sections run by news media
    • 2.7m read employment sections
    • 1.1m visit publishers’ employment websites
  • They are more like to be
    • Managers/professionals
    • Have degrees/diplomas
  • 78 per cent don’t visit top jobs site, seek.com.au
  • 1:5 seeking to change jobs


Employers try to fill around two million job vacancies each year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.1 On the supply side, emma data states 3.4 million are seeking work or interested in changing roles.

News media offers recruiters solutions to reach quality candidates through employment sections in newspapers and job sites.

Press print for quality candidates

Over a four-week period newspaper employment sections have a quality audience of 2.7 million readers. Some 574,000 of these readers (20 per cent) say they are actively seeking a new role.

Employment sections are particularly effective at reaching high-value/high-earning positions and occupations. Readers are 21 per cent more likely to be C-Suite executives or professionals than non-readers, and 30 per cent more likely to earn $120,000pa or more.

Net new recruits

Print sections work in tandem with publisher sites such as CareerOne and Adzuna. According to Nielsen, these sites reach 1.3 million every month, with one-in-three visitors actively seeking a new job.

Publishers’ employment websites attract a younger audience than print employment sections. The average age of an employment section reader looking for work is 38, compared with 35 for website visitors.

Some 46 per cent of visitors to publisher-owned job sites have a tertiary qualifications, higher than the population average of 36 per cent.

Combine and conquer

 The reach of print and digital assets is 3.7 million readers every month, including 25 per cent of active job-seekers (862,000), according to emma data.

The market is fragmented despite those large numbers. Australia’s largest employment site, Seek, reaches 2.2 million, or 16 per cent of job-seekers (533,000). According to emma, most news media readers say they don’t use Seek. Only 22 per cent will visit that site each month.

That’s 2.9 million prospective employees who don’t visit the country’s most popular jobs site but see news media employment content.

Sources: 1. ABS, 6354.0 – Job Vacancies, Australia, Feb 2016. All other figures from emma, 12 months to February 2016, Nielsen DRM 12 months to February 2016.

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