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Newspaper media headline act for entertainment advertisers

Showbiz has never been more competitive. BRIAN ROCK reveals how marketing in newspaper media can fill the theatre

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Infographic_JUST THE TICKET_DIGITALKey Take-Outs

  • 9 out of 10 people who go to movies or live performances – 4.2 million people – read newspaper media content
    • 4 in 5 (3.9m) read printed newspapers
    • 1 in 2 ( 2.2m) read digital news content
  • Arts and Entertainment section readers are above-average entertainment seekers:
    • 6% more likely to go to a concert
    • 14% more likely to go to the movies
    • 42% more likely to see a play
    • 59% more likely to attend an opera, ballet, or classical performance

We live in an age when people can access thousands of hours of entertainment from their lounge rooms yet still leave the house to enjoy the movies, theatre, sports and generally trip the light fantastic.

Some 4.7 million Australians go the movies or watch a live show each month, and more than 10 million do so over a three-month period.

Movies are the most popular form of entertainment, attracting 1 in 5 five Australians (3.9 million people) a month. Across a three-month period this increases to 10.3 million, some 58% of the population.

Live entertainment attracts 1.5 million, or 4.7 million each quarter.

Music-based entertainment tops the list in live entertainment, with more than 1 million people enjoying a performance each month.

Our tastes run to more contemporary music –rock, pop and jazz concerts (760,000/month, 2.6m/quarter) – although operas, ballets and classical performances draw significant audiences (380,000/month, 1.3m/quarter).

Live theatre still has a considerable following. Every month 770,000 people watch live theatre, and over 3 million each quarter.

No matter what forms of live entertainment they enjoy, these audiences all have one thing in common – they read newspapers. Nine out of ten of these movie-goers, opera buffs and metal heads, about 4.2 million people, read a paper.

Some forms of media are more efficient than others at reaching the various groups.

Rock, pop and jazz concert fans are above-average users of digital news media content.

Every month 50 percent access digital news content, 16 percent higher than the national average. This doesn’t mean they’ve stopped reading printed newspapers. They may be slightly below-average readers (3% below average), but 80 percent still read at least one printed copy each month.

Those who attend other forms of live performance are not only above-average print readers, they’re also above average digital news readers.

Some 86 percent of people who go to the theatre read printed newspapers (5% above average), as do 89 percent of ballet, opera and classical music attendees (8% above average).

As for digital news media, 47 percent of theatre-goers and 49 percent of ballet, opera and classical music listeners access digital news content each month (9% and 13% above average respectively).

For an advertiser seeking maximum efficiency, dedicated arts and entertainment sections are the real winners. Readers turn to these sections to find out what’s on – 5.7 million people each month – and 1.7 million of these will go out to movies, plays or concerts each month.

That translates into a reach of one in three movie-goers and concert-attendees (36% and 34%), and one in two people seeing live theatre and ballet/opera/classical music (45% and 51%).

Sources: emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending December 2014, Nielsen Online Ratings December 2014, People 14+ only.


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