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The best Christmas advertising value

The Christmas retail season is almost here. BRIAN ROCK discusses why retailers should use newspaper media to target high-value shoppers.

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  • Newspaper media delivers high reach
    • 16.4 million readers
    • 6.5 million grocery buyers
    • 93% of mothers who buy groceries
  • Readers shop 10% more often than non-readers
  • Regular readers (7+ copies pw) spend more
    • +12% on alcohol
    • +15% on children’s clothing
    • +24% on accessories and sunglasses


The Christmas and New Year sales period is critically important for retailers. Last year, Australians spent $45 billion in the six weeks leading up to and during the festive period. Some retailers rely on this time of the year for 60 per cent of their annual revenue, says the Australian Retailers Association.1

Retailers wanting to maximise the impact of their advertising dollar have good reasons to turn to newspaper media. It delivers large audiences and is especially effective at delivering high-end consumers.

Big footprint with stocking stuffers

Some 16.4 million people turn to newspaper media each month. This includes 6.5 million grocery buyers, of whom 4.7 million are mothers.

Readers shop more often

For a Christmas campaign, a sensible starting point is to target frequent shoppers, and newspaper media ticks that box.

Readers shop 10 per cent more often than non-readers. Light readers – those who read only once or twice a week – shop 7 per cent more often than non-readers. This percentage rises to 9 per cent for those who read up to six copies and 13 per cent for consumers who pick up seven-plus newspapers a week.

Print is particularly effective at reaching the most frequent shoppers. Some 57 per cent of print newspaper readers go to a shopping centre or local shopping strip each week. In contrast, only 46 per cent of non-print readers shop this often.

Bigger spenders

Readers consistently spend more money than non-readers:

  • +3% at the supermarket
  • +5% on accessories and sunglasses
  • +7% on champagne and sparkling wine
  • +10% on white goods and appliances; and
  • +11% on children’s clothing

They’re also more active spenders online than non-readers:

  • +9% on books
  • +10% on music
  • +11% on food and beverages
  • +14% on home entertainment and electronics; and
  • +15% on games and software.

Discerning shoppers

Readers value quality. Some 76 per cent say “quality is more important than price”, which makes newspaper readers a prime target for retailers promoting high-end products and services.

The quality of the brand also makes a significant impression. Readers are 6 per cent more likely to say “brands are important to me” than non-readers. The greatest consumers of news media (7 or more copies pw) are 14 per cent more likely to agree with that statement.


Source: emma, 12 months to Aug-15

1 Christmas retail sales hit record numbers, peak body says; average $2,500 each spent by those over 14; ABC News, 26 December 2014; http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-12-25/christmas-retail-australians-spend-record-amount/5988420


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