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In news media we trust

Consumers are more likely to act on messages from a source that they trust. A range of studies show that Australians trust news media more than other media.

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  • Newspapers the most trusted ad platform in Australia.
  • Consumers rate news media content as most informative, useful and believable.
  • Regional and community news media outperform other media in building trust for advertisers.

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Newspapers are the most trusted advertising media in Australia, according to the latest Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. Ads in newspapers are trusted by 58% of Australians, with TV the next most trusted paid medium (56%).


The trust gap between social media sites and newspapers is noteworthy. Social media sites may have large numbers of frequent visitors, but this isn’t translating into trust in the advertising content.


Informative, Useful, Believable

The strong relationship that we have with newspaper journalism goes a long way to explaining why consumers find news media ads more trustworthy than others.

Newspapers provide an environment in which consumers enjoy accurate, credible and balanced journalism.

A study conducted by online market research agency,Research Now, shows consumers value journalism, rating news media content ahead of TV and online in terms of being informative and believable.


Consumers also value the utility of newspaper content, rating news media a more useful source of information than TV and digital platforms. Both in print and digital, newspapers are taken seriously – and so are the ads.

Trust in local news media


At a time when consumers can choose from a number of different sources that can give them a view of what’s going on locally, regional newspapers still have the dominant reputation for accurate reporting.

A survey of 612 regional newspaper readers shows they trust their local newspaper ahead of other local ad platforms.

Trust in regional newspapers is two times higher than trust in television or radio, three times higher than trust in online search, and 13 times higher than trust in social media.


The same is also true in relation to community newspapers.

Among readers, they score 52% as a source of trusted information, compared with 31 per cent for TV and 25 per cent for radio and 20 per cent for online search.


Trust is at the heart of influence, and consumer studies consistently prove that news media – in print and digital – outperform other media in delivering credible, believable and trustworthy messaging.

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Sources: 2015 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, Australian data only. Research Now OmniTaxi, August 20-25 2015. Local Newspaper Readership Study, conducted for The Newspaper Works by Research Now, November 26 – December 14 2015.

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