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News media and Social media – the perfect match for extended reach

LANCE CLATWORTHY takes a look at the overlap and reach of news media and social networking over a 4 week period.

We reveal how combining news media and social media can extend your ad campaign

There are now 16.6m Australians reading news media in the last 4 weeks; that’s 91% of the population aged 14+. So a 4 week campaign across all news media would achieve significant reach. But with the growth of internet usage, smart phones and social networking, a social media campaign also presents the advertiser with an opportunity for extensive reach – 16.0m visited a social networking site in the last 4 weeks. There’s a big overlap across the two media channels but each channel does have its differences in the audience delivered.SOCIAL MEDIA_CHART 1

Before we explore the differences, let’s just remind ourselves that we’re talking about all news media and all social networking; and that of the 16m social networkers, 14.3m of them have visited Facebook in the last 4 weeks – that’s 91% of them.

News media provides 1.7m not reached by social networking – that’s 10% extra

A joint campaign across the entirety of both media channels would cover all but 3% of the population aged 14+. 82% of the population would be reached by both the channels, providing an opportunity to build messages and branding while also providing the benefit of increased frequency.SOCIAL MEDIA_CHART 3

While Social networking reaches 6% of the population that is not covered by news media, news media gives an incremental coverage of 10% – these are people who will not have visited a social networking site. That’s an additional 1.7m people from news media.

News media delivers incremental cover across all key demographics

Let’s look at the demographic profile of the media overlap and of the incremental cover that each one brings. Most notably, news media delivers incremental cover from the aged 55+ segment with 17% of them only reached by news media. Accordingly, the social networking increment is from 14 to 24 year olds, in particular.SOCIAL MEDIA_CHART 2

At this point we should remind ourselves that although news media has an older skew, it still reaches fully 78% of 14 to 17 year olds and 83% of 18 to 24 year olds.

News media only readers have a higher grocery spend per person

In terms of groceries, those only covered by social networking spend an average of $271 per household member per month. This compares to $332 for those only covered by news media – that’s 23% more per person.


Incremental reach to big spenders in house, travel, health and tobacco

Now talking about the Top 20% weekly spenders by category, with such mass coverage from each of the two media channels, there are big similarities. However, the following categories emerge as those where news media only delivers the biggest incremental cover of big spenders:-

Dwelling Repairs & Maintenance
Garden & Hardware
Household Services
Cigarettes & Tobacco
Pet & Animals
Travel insurance
Fish & Seafood
Health & Medical
Holiday & Airfares

Incremental reach to Gamblers, sports & entertainment fans and DIYers

Now looking at activities done in the last month, we again see similarities across the two media channels. However, the following activities emerge as those where news media only delivers the biggest incremental cover:-

Go to a Horse Racetrack / Race Meeting
Play a Poker Machine (18+)
Place a Bet at a Tab (18+)
Go to An Rsl, Sporting or Other Club
Buy a Lottery / Lotto Ticket or Scratchie
Go to a Casino (18+)
Place a Bet Online (18+)
Go to a Professional Sports Match / Event
Go to church or other place of worship
Go to Live Theatre Performance
Do Some Gardening
Go to The Ballet / Opera / Classical Performance
Work on a Car at Home
Go Shopping at a Hardware Store

That perfect match gives an extra 10% reach

We haven’t explored frequency and engagement, but we have seen how news media can provide reach above and beyond that of social networking. For the advertiser, it provides reach to an extra 10% of Aged 14+. This increment is mainly driven by aged 55+ but news media contributes increment across all key demographics, spend categories and activities.

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