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News media connects advertisers with 8.4m prospective mobile customers

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Latest analysis of emma data reveals the strong potential of news media advertising to connect with millions of prospects considering the purchase of a new mobile handset or mobile service in the next 12 months.  

A total of 8.4 million prospects – 7.5 million considering changing their mobile handset and 2.7 million looking to switch mobile service provider – are reached through news media.  

There’s also a large spread of age groups: new mobile handset prospects include 2.6 million prospects aged 14-35, 2.5 million aged 35-54, and 2.4 million aged over 55.  


Tap into an essential purchase opportunity  

News media readers rely on their phones for a huge variety of functions and activates, ranging from email and shopping to entertainment and organisation 

Savvy advertisers and brands can tap into these key attitudes to enhance their news media advertising campaigns aimed at capturing mobile prospects.  

Set the day’s agenda with news media advertising  

News media grabs the attention of prospects at the start of their day, with 1.5 million mobile phone prospects reached before lunchtime.  Read more here.  

Download the full research report and infographic

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